Doubting Allen Presents

Thought pieces: Allen vs. The World, Allen vs. Allen and Bad Words

In continued pretense that people actually read this blog, I am launching three new series to explore different facets of the idea of ‘doubting’.

The first, a more straightforward socio-political commentary section titled Allen vs. The World will contain articles that relate to current affairs, to tap on hot topics so that I can easily plug this blog whenever I am discussing matters with friends. The Nathan Hartono and Lim Swee Say pieces on my old blog have proven to be the most popular ones by a country mile, and the Syonan Gallery article launched under this title seems to be doing well too. However, I am a person with a decent amount of dignity and thus I will not be writing for the sake of beating the dead horse. AVTW pieces will all be insightful and inspired pieces where I will provide a view of the matter that is less discussed or completely ignored, and hopefully can aid in creating debates along my trains of thought. There will be no updates unless I find a topic that I think I have unique and useful insights on, so it will not be replacing the weekly reviews.

What may be published in place of reviews are the two following titles, because I may be playing the same game for two, three weeks and for this week in particular, I am still playing Monster Hunter Generations and have no intention in writing a Deus Ex: Mankind Divided review whatsoever. Thankfully, both these new titles will contain articles that I can be writing in advance and published whenever reviews are not happening.

Allen vs. Allen is something that I have been meaning to do for a long time. Articles under this banner will focus on self-doubt and internal debates. In particular, I will discuss issues that I am against, but do believe that there are good arguments for those matters that completely destroys the most common criticism of these issues, and I will subsequently provide my own rebuttals to those arguments which I think are more logical and sensible replies to them. The two topics I have in mind for now are firstly, teaching Creationism in schools, and secondly, pedophilia. Once again, I am against these matters, but the way people are dissing and denouncing Creationism and pedophilia are in my opinion, very problematic, self-contradictory and stupid. There may come a day where I may lose this fight against myself and change my views on certain matters, and that just sounds wonderful.

Lastly, we have Bad Words, a series on words that are commonly abused and misused, usually by the everyman. I have made no secret that I am not a fan of the everyday internet commentator who uses their textbook knowledge as a doctrine for historical knowledge, and many a time it boils down to how and what words they use. The first article will most likely be on my most hated word of all time, the word ‘interesting’, and slowly there will be discussions on the words, ‘history’, ‘culture’, ‘racism’, ‘fascist’, ‘truth’… and the list goes on. There are many words in this world that I do not like, especially when people use them too casually without actually thinking about the weight and connotations the word may carry. I do believe that most people use most words without ever thinking about what those words mean for them, for their listener, and in the context they are using it in. We are all guilty of that; we have to pretend to understand most of the words we are saying or typing to even be able to carry out any form of conversation. So the solution here is not to stop using words, or at least using those words, entirely; but hopefully encourage people to think more about those words, and when probed what do they mean when they say loaded words and phrases like ‘tradition’, ‘Japanese Occupation’, ‘Indian food’ and ‘Chinese privilege’. I assure you most people have never thought about them their entire life, and when confronted can only reply, ‘What do you mean? Don’t you know what it means?’, as though everyone sees those words and phrases as the exact same thing. The annoying thing of course is the cultivated, unthinking crowd will chime in because they have kept up with the pretense so long that they think there is an universal, one truth definition of those words and phrases that should be common knowledge.

With that being said, Sunday’s article should be very… interesting.


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